There’s nothing virtual about it. We’re making it real.

Our growing community is pioneering innovative ways to make AR real across an impressive range of industries and audiences. More than 1,000 developers and companies are already using Meta to make their augmented reality dreams come true. We’re taking it to another level and welcoming millions more into the future.

Worldwide Meta

Take this globe for a spin to visualize our global community of Meta 1 customers (in red) and our fans (in gold).

Keeping It Real

Because Meta glasses are see-through, digital content is displayed as a dynamic layer over your actual physical surroundings. So you always feel oriented. You use natural hand gestures, just as you do in the real world, to touch, grab, and move digital objects intuitively. You can create and share your own digital content as you interact with people in the same room or with others miles away.

If you’ve ever tried a VR headset and felt queasy, rest assured that Meta AR is a completely different experience. Our team uses its deep understanding of the human mind and body to create an AR experience that’s always comfortable and natural.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

“Virtual” means artificial and almost, but not quite. VR typically immerses you in a digital world with simulated people, objects, and surroundings–and a rift between you and your environment.

“Augment” means to make something greater, by adding to it. AR adds a powerful layer of interactive 3D content to your surroundings. Using see-through glasses, you stay visually connected to people and your environment.

Real Growth

Augmented reality transforms the way we learn, create and work. That’s why the AR market is projected to generate $90 billion in revenue by 2020, compared to $30 billion for the VR market.


Meta Investors

These visionaries believe in the promise of augmented reality and make it possible. They get it. We’re proud to call them our investors.

Y Combinator
Tim Draper
Danhua Capital
Comcast Ventures
Banyan Capital
Tencent Holdings