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What makes Meta unique?

Our mission is to create AR products that unlock deeper understanding, freer expression, and optimal productivity. Meta stands out by developing simple, elegant solutions that are not only more technically advanced, but more importantly, are optimized to facilitate the flow of ideas and transform the way people work, connect and collaborate.

What can I do with Meta products?

Meta's products enable people to manipulate digital objects or holograms with their hands, as well as create and share digital content with others in the same room or miles away. For the first time, friends or colleagues can view and manipulate items together with their hands, changing the nature of what it means to collaborate. Meta’s technology feels like a natural extension of the human mind and hand. Meta’s designs are grounded in a deep understanding of the human mind and body, to ensure the most comfortable and natural experience possible.

How can I partner with Meta?

Meta is looking for great partners that share our focus on creating an enhanced computing experience. Please email your inquiries to

How much investment has Meta taken on?

We have raised a $23 million Series A and a $50 million Series B.

I'd like to invest in Meta, is this possible?

No, at this time we are not interested in taking on more investment.

How do I get a job at Meta?

We're always looking for talented people. To apply, please check out our available positions at: If you don't see a position that fits your talents, please let us know what you would like to do at Meta and how you would benefit the team:

What is the Meta Dev Center?

The Meta Dev Center contains our SDK, apps for our products, guides, forums, webinar videos, and various resources for developing on the Meta 1 Developer Kit. Currently, only Meta 1 Developer Kit customers have been granted access to the Dev Center. We will open it up to Meta 2 Development Kit customers as we get closer to launch.

Can I speak to some of your early customers?

Yes! Please contact our PR team at


Can I wear Meta headsets over my glasses?

Yes, we have designed them to fit comfortably over most prescription eyeglasses.

Do I need to purchase a Unity license?

No, Unity offers a free Personal license that is compatible with our products. On the Dev Center, you will see the Unity versions that match with specific Meta SDK versions and operating systems.

My Unity Pro license key expired. Is it possible to extend it?

You can download a Unity Personal license, which is free. You can view the compatibility matrix of: SDK version, Unity version, and OS at

What if I preordered the Meta Pro?

We are not selling the Meta Pro. You may have preordered it, but we never charged your credit card. No transaction has taken place.


What is the Meta 2 Development Kit?

The Meta 2 Development Kit is the second generation Meta glasses. We have made significant improvements to the device including the field of view, hand interactions, positional tracking, and the SDK.

When will the Meta 2 Development Kit be released?

The product is available for preorder now and will ship later this year. We will be in communication with preorder customers on timing.

When will the Meta 2 Development Kit ship?

The Meta 2 Development Kit is scheduled to ship in 2016. We'll be in touch with those who preordered as we get closer to shipping the product.

What is the difference between the Meta 1 and the Meta 2?

The Meta 2 Development Kit is the most advanced AR system available. We have made significant improvements to the device including the field of view, hand interactions, positional tracking, and the SDK.

How much will it cost?

The current preorder price is $949.

What kind of sensors are on it?

It's a cutting edge combination of custom and off-the-shelf components. Please view our product page to learn more:

This looks like a prototype. When can I see the real thing?

The final manufactured product will ship in 2016.

Is the Meta 2 Development Kit a dev kit?


Does Meta 2 Development Kit support a multi-language interface?

Currently Meta 2 supports English only, but you can program your applications in Unity3D to be in any language you desire.

Do you plan to support Linux, Mac, and Android?

We're exploring support for all relevant platforms; however, we have not committed to development on any of these right now.

When will you have a consumer product?

Consumer products are on our product roadmap; however, no timing has been determined.

This doesn't look ready for prime time. When will it be?

Even in this pre-manufacture stage, the Meta 2 Development Kit is the most advanced AR system available. For us, "prime time" means manufactured product.

I demoed a Meta 2 Development Kit prototype and didn't like the ergonomics. Why?

You may have experienced a pre-manufacture version of the product. At this stage, we are still improving product ergonomics.

Will it make me dizzy?

No. We have conducted hundreds of tests and have not found that to be a problem.

How does this compare to HoloLens? Magic Leap?

While we believe specific features and applications put Meta far ahead of the pack, we are happy to have the market itself set the comparison to Microsoft. Magic Leap is still largely a "black box" and we cannot provide a comparison.

Are you really going to ship this?

Yes, we have contracts with suppliers and manufacturers all over the world.


What is the Meta 2 Development Kit field of view (FOV)?

90 degrees diagonal.

What are the hardware requirements?

Recommended PC Requirements Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 / AMD R9 280 CPU: Intel Core i7 (desktop CPU) Memory: 8GB RAM Game Engine: 64-bit Unity 5.3x Storage: 10GB Video: HDMI 1.4b Sound Card: Intel HD-compatible sound card USB Ports: USB 3.0 OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or newer

What is the programming language for the developer kit?

Apps built on the Meta 2 Development Kit will be in Unity 3D version 5 or higher.

How do I access the Meta 2 SDK?

The Meta 2 SDK will be made available when we get closer to shipping the Meta 2 Development Kit.

Will the Meta 2 Development Kit SDK work with Meta 1?

Meta 2 is a huge step forward in AR technology from Meta, with new sensors and optics. As a result, the Meta 1 is not directly compatible with the forthcoming Meta 2 SDK. We have not released details of the Meta 2 SDK, but we will provide instructions to migrate Meta 1 applications to the Meta 2 platform.

How much does the Meta 2 Development Kit weigh?

The weight is 420g without the cable and head straps. The cable and straps are weighted at an additional 210g to balance the system so that it can be worn comfortably for hours.

How are you doing positional tracking without an external sensor?

The Meta 2 Development Kit uses a positional tracking algorithm that fuses image features from the world, captured with onboard computer vision camera, with the wearer's acceleration and angular movements, captured with an onboard inertial measurement unit (IMU), to give a six degree of freedom positional tracking. Unlike other systems, Meta's solution to positional tracking uses a type of SLAM algorithm that does not require calibration or mapping the space ahead of time. It begins tracking the wearer's position immediately.

How does the image projection system work?

The Meta 2 Development Kit uses an off-axis optical engine to form images using a single-element half-silver mirror, in which the optical axis of the aperture is not coincident with the mechanical center of the system. Left and right eye images from an LCD panel reflect off the inside of the visor (the half-silver mirror) into the eyes, forming a high-resolution stereoscopic 3D image at 20 pixels per degree, ensuring text readability. As well as being the optical element, the visor is partially reflective, which enables the wearer to see digital information overlaid on the physical world. With the visor transparent and the panel positioned above the eyes, wearers can make full eye contact and read each other's facial expressions, making the Meta 2 Development Kit ideal for collaboration. The visor and head straps are designed to comfortably accommodate wearing glasses underneath, removing the need for extra prescription lens.


What countries and regions does Meta ship to?

USA, Canada, countries in the EU and EFTA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Israel.

Is your country not on the list? Let us know that you are interested by completing this form ( and we will let you know if and when we ship to your country. We will continue to add more countries and regions over time and will update the community when additional countries and regions can purchase the Meta 2 Development Kit.

What are your payment options?

Our preferred payment method for pre-orders is by Credit Card (VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover, JCB). All prices are in USD. You can place a pre-order immediately at

We can also accept payment by ACH, T/T (i.e. wire transfer or EFT), check, and PayPal. We do not offer open account terms. Payment must be made prior to delivery. We will invoice you when we are ready to ship. Email us at with the following and we will help with your request.

  • Document Requested (Quotation, Invoice, etc.)
  • Quantity of Meta 2 Development Kits desired
  • Billing First & Last Name
  • Billing Company Name
  • Billing Address
  • Billing Phone Number
  • Shipping First & Last Name
  • Shipping Company Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Phone Number

Need to order more than 10 units? Please email so that we can better accommodate your request.

We do not accept Bitcoin for pre-orders, but may when we begin to ship. To place a pre-order, please use a credit card or request an invoice.

When will you charge my credit card?

We will charge your card for payment when we are ready to ship your order. The charge will post to your credit card statement as "META COMPANY REDWOOD CITY CA", and it will be for the full price, including any applicable taxes, shipping & handling fees. You will be notified via email when we charge your card for the full price.

When you place your pre-order, we pre-authorize your card to verify that your card is valid and has enough funds on it. This is a temporary hold and will expire after 7 days (similar to when a hotel pre-authorizes your card upon check-in for incidentals or before you fill up at a gas station). During this time you should see a pending transaction from "META COMPANY REDWOOD CITY CA", and a reduction in your available credit, in the amount of the pre-order, but it will be cancelled after 7 days.

My company requires a quotation, invoice, and/or upfront payment. Can you help?

Sure thing. Please email us at and we will help you within 1-2 business days.

Checkout problems: I'm receiving checkout error messages even though my credit card statement shows a pending transaction, OR, even though I know my card is valid and has enough limit. What's going on?

Due to the high value of our unit orders and to prevent fraud, we are taking extra security measures to verify all billing details. We have chosen a new, more robust shopping cart and payment gateway than we used for our Meta 1.


(1) Always double-check your billing address (especially the zip code), expiration date, and CVV code. To prevent fraud, we cannot pre-authorize your credit card without verifying all three. This is top reason we see for errors. Sometimes your computer autofills incorrect fields, or you forget that your shipping address differs from your billing address.

(2) Multiple failed attempts will trigger a flag in our system, and/or with your credit card provider. If you have any issues, reach out to us at any time at We will keep your pre-order reserved, and get back to you within 1-2 business days.

(3) Your pre-order is not complete until you reach our confirmation screen and receive a notification email from us, with an order #. (Please make sure is on your white list.) Even if your credit card provider approves the pre-authorization and shows a pending transaction on your statement, a credit card validation error from us indicates that we did not accept your pre-order, and will not be able to charge your card. In cases like this, you may receive an error that says "Address not Verified - Approved" or similar.

Meta prides itself on providing an intuitive and frustration-free user experience, and it's important to us that this translates to the pre-order checkout process as well. We love feedback from our customers. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know by emailing!

How do I know that my pre-order has been placed?

After your payment method and shipping address are validated, you will reach a confirmation screen with an order number. You will also receive an email notification with your order number.

If you do not reach the confirmation screen and do not receive an email notification with an order number, please email us at and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

When will I receive my order?

We are shipping later this year. You will be notified by email about a week before we ship, prior to charging your card. You will also be notified when you order ships, and when there is a tracking number.

What is my tracking number?

You will receive your tracking number by email when your order ships out later this year.

What shipping options do you have?

We fulfill orders from our warehouse in San Jose, CA. Our preferred carrier is FedEx, but we will update you if it changes.

Can I use my own shipping account or services?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer that option. All orders must be shipped out using our shipping account. We do not support freight forwarding or concierge services at this time. Meta reserves the right to cancel your order if our shipping policy is not honored.

Can I pick up my order at your headquarters or at an event?

We do not offer pick ups at this time.

Can I purchase a Meta 2 Development Kit at one of your events?

We will have more information later this year. In the meantime, pre-orders can be placed at

Can I get a Meta 2 Developer Kit before the expected ship date?

No. Any units that we will have until that time are considered prototypes or demo units, not to be used by the public.

Do you offer any discounts?

No, not at this time. We view the current pre-order price as a discounted price for everyone!

Does Meta ship to PO Box addresses?

No. Our shipping service will not ship to PO Box addresses and therefore, we cannot ship to a PO Box.

International Orders: Will I be charged customs fees, taxes and duties?

Meta will only charge our customers for shipping fees. Your country of residence may charge customs fees, taxes, and duties, which will be collected by the carrier.

International Orders: Am I responsible for paying the customs fees, taxes and duties to the shipping carrier?

Yes. All international customers are responsible for paying the custom fees (i.e.: taxes, duties, etc.) to the carrier upon receiving the order.

International Orders: Can you charge me the VAT and pay the VAT for me?

Based on our experience with Meta 1, we have changed our shipping & handling and VAT procedure. Problems and delays with the shipping carriers and fulfillment warehouse we chose abroad led to a poor customer experience. Shipping directly from the US, while a bit more expensive, gives us better control over the shipping process, and ultimately, provides a better customer experience.

Larger companies usually establish foreign entities and manage foreign warehouses to handle VAT that way, and we will do so in the future as we expand.

I need to update my pre-order information.

Email us at with your pre-order number (on your pre-order confirmation screen as well as in your pre-order confirmation email) if you need to cancel or make changes to your pre-order.

Other questions about your pre-order?

Email us at with your pre-order number (on your pre-order confirmation screen as well as in your pre-order confirmation email).


Do you still sell Meta 1 Developer Kit?

No. We have completely sold out of the Meta 1 Developer Kit.

Do you still support Meta 1?

Absolutely. Visit our forum in the Dev Center, or reach out to

What is the Meta 1 SDK?

The Meta 1 Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a bundled package for developers to start developing Meta applications. It contains access to prefabs and classes you can use to manipulate the 3D holographic content you view through the Meta glasses. To gain access to the Meta SDK, one has to run the Meta Installer, located on the Meta Dev Center.

The installer, once installed successfully, gives you access to 4 components.

Meta.exe Executable that runs directly to the glasses. This program checks the computer configuration, user calibration and demonstrates the SDK feature in a interactive way. It sets the user up to use the Meta glasses to full functionality. This is a fun and easy way to familiarize yourself with the world of Meta.

Meta Guide Documentation that goes along with Meta SDK in HTML format containing details about getting started with programming your own application. You can access the documentation through Unity without internet access when necessary.

Meta.Unitypackage & OpenCV Libraries Unity packaged developers import into Meta Unity project. It bundles together components needed to make a Meta augmented reality application. OpenCV and associated libraries also ensure you have the supported open source code for our computer vision.

Where can I find documentation, tutorials, and app examples?

Read the latest docs, release notes, Meta basics, our setup guide, tutorials, and other helpful information at our Meta Dev Center.


What if I preordered the Meta Pro?

We are not selling the Meta Pro. You may have preordered it, but we never charged your credit card. No transaction has taken place.


How do I download/install apps?

If you are a customer and have a Meta 1, go to the Dev Center and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see all apps for Meta products available for download there.

How do I learn more about developing apps on Meta?

Lots of can attend a workshop, a webinar, and you can follow our tutorials in our "Resources" section.

How do I submit an app for the App Showcase in the Meta Dev Center?

To submit an app, please fill out this form:


Send us an email: