Meta AR is a physical experience. Our users will wear headset for a prolonged amount of time, moving and rotating their head as they explore the various experiences. It is essential to understanding what can be strenuous versus what is comfortable for the user. Knowing what is typical or atypical will be key ingredients that impact application usage and ultimately application success.

The figures below shows the various zones which are deemed comfortable to view with little effort.

Figure 17. In a stationary seat, comfortable rotation is within approx. 30°


Figure 18. In terms of vertical head movement, the range is a bit more limited with strenuous moving appearing at 60° and −40°

Arm Length

The use of hands is a fundamental mechanism of how we interact with tools and content. Please note that users will have different arm lengths, which means they will each have a unique experience with our sensors based on variance with arm spans. UI within easy grasp of a tall user may require another to fully extend their arm.

Figure 19. Consider the natural oval shaped radius vs a symmetrical circle radius when creating UIs in arm’s reach.